Rochester 150 Pre-Events

Pam and Ray Bruzan – Authors

Quilt Show


Bed Turning at Sesquicentennial Tea

Lois Weissberg, of peace and Appliqué Quilt Shop is shown with a quilt that will be part of an upcoming event. Lois, along with her daughter, Gretchen Quisgaard will present a quilt program which will feature a bed turning.  Approximately 25 quilts will be displayed on an antique cannonball-style bed and the ladies will then lift and showcase each quilt detailing itus history.

If you have a quilt you would like to share for this event, please contact peace and Appliqué Quilt Shop at 145 East Main St. in Rochester (phone: 217–498–6771). They are seeking pre-1950s quilts.

The quilt program is also sponsored by the Rochester Sesquicentennial Committee and will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the Rochester United Methodist Church, (555 South Walnut St). Doors will open at 3 PM for the show.

Amanda Bryden, Registrar for Decorative Arts and History at the Illinois State Museum will also be at the program with a blue wool and white cotton Jacquard coverlet that belonged to Susannah Baker Bell (1799-1876) of Rochester.  The coverlet dates to 1853. It was donated by family members to the ISM a decade ago.

Tickets for admission to the quilt show may be purchased for $5 from Peace and Appliqué Quilt Shop. Doors will open at 3 PM for the quilt show.

Sparks in the Park


The early settlers in the 2017 Sesquicentennial parade entry


David Ramsey telling Rochester history to the visitors of the Stone House.


Wade,Walker, Lexi and Wyatt Martin at the 2017 4th of July Parade


David Taft and Ryan Lee driving the horse-drawn funeral hearse owned by Wilson Park Funeral

Rochester Elementary Kindergarten Parent Night


Pictures from the Rochester Sesquicentennial table at the Rochester Kindergarten’s parent night 2018

Quilt Show and Afternoon Tea Preparation



Ann Rowley, Trudy Ballinger, Carolyn Moore, and Ruth Ann Theis


Trudy Ballinger, Nancy Miller, and Ruth Ann Theis


Carolyn Moore and Ruth Ann Theis preparing sandwiches for the tea.


Hadley, Brooke and Ellie Tweryon riding on the 2018 Sesquicentennial Parade entry.

Adam Gribbins preparing the Time Capsule

Adam Gribbins is a freshman at Rochester High School where he has achieved high honor roll. He is a Life Scout in Troop 58 and he participates in Wrestling, Cross Country, Track, and Scholastic Bowl.  Adam is preparing the Time Capsule for the Rochester Sesquicentennial.

Coin Contest Winner



   Rochester fourth-grader Ellie Tweryon won the 2019 Rochester Sesquicentennial commemorative coin contest with her drawing depicting a red-white-blue striped rocket and a football flying above a harvest-ready corn field.
   “Rochester Sesquicentennial 2019” encircles the scene.
   As minted in red, white, blue and gold, the coin closely resembles her art work. The opposite side of the coin has a sketch of the Rochester Historical Preservation Society’s 1830s-era Old Stone House in gold. It is encircled in blue with the lettering “Rochester Illinois.”
   Ellie, 10, says all of her classmates submitted an entry. They were among more than 800 ideas submitted by Rochester students.
   “I thought of all the farming we do, how much I love America and how out Rochester Rockets football team has been so successful,” she recalled.
   Her prize was one of the gold coins and 150 quarters, signifying Rochester’s 150th birthday.
   Each coin is encased in a clear plastic pouch and is available through the Rochester Sesquicentennial Committee for a donation of $15. Proceeds are being used to fund monthly events leading up to the grand celebration Sept. 13-15.
   The coins are available these Rochester businesses: Cocoa Blue, Rochester State Bank, Bank and Trust and Rochester True Value.