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Rochester’s first homestead was settled by James McCoy. Pictured from left are Pauline McCoy, Sylvester McCoy, Nina (McCoy) Frame and unidentified. Nina, in the rocker, was married in this house log.  (Courtesy of Barbara Wagner) 



Janet Trees, Betty Jacobs, Carolyn Fairchild, Mrs. Rusch, Bonnie Dallman, Linda Whitson, Nancy Irwin


Row 1:  Bob Kremmel, Linda Whitson, Janet Trees, Donna Proffit, Betty Crain, Sherrie Leckrone, Venna W., Margaret G., Jim Campbell.
Row 2:  Mr. Churchill, Brenda Byerly, Carol Norman, Barbara Walters, Marian Johnson, Delores Spengler, Carolyn Fairchild, Betty L., Frances Grieme, Mrs. Rusch.
Row 3:  Lantz Bracken, Gary Buschon, Tom H., Homer Andrews, Allen Easley, Sam Coe, Lee


Row 1:  Agnes C., Carolyn Fairchild, Bonnie Abshire.
Row 2:  Allan Easley, Sherie Leckron, Joanne Taft, Jerry Huffman, Nancy Irwin, ??, Carolyn Norman, Robert Krimmel.
Row 3:  Larry Kyes, Sam Coe.


Front:  Bob Fairchild, Charley Fairchild.
Back:  Shirley Fairchild, Norma Fairchild.


Bobbie Fairchild (age 5) and Charles Albert Fairchild (age 7).


Bob Fairchild, Charley Fairchild, Norma Fairchild, Carolyn Fairchild.  1945

3 generations - grandpa poffenbarger in wagon with elmer huffman, & his mother, stella huffman, in buggy

3 generations – Grandpa Poffenbarger in wagon with Elmer Huffman & his mother, Stella Huffman, in buggy

1920 school facing walnut

1920 School facing Walnut Rd.

across from funeral home - was once a candy shop - early to mid 1950s.

Across from funeral home – was once a candy shop – early to mid 1950’s

ann pickett in her home ready for a thanksgiving of the past

Ann Pickett in her home ready for a Thanksgiving of the past

b & o depot

B & O Depot

built in 1959 1962 aerial view of new hs

Built in 1959… 1962 Aerial view of the new HS

cacade school

Cascade School

cafeteria built in 1951

Cafeteria built in 1967

cascade school memory

Cascade School Memory

cascde school 2

Cascade School 2

collage of bob waldmire's art work

Collage of Bob Waldmire’s art work

cornerstone from 1920 school (2)

Cornerstone from 1920 school

cornerstone from 1920 school

Cornerstone from 1920 school

feed mill

Feed Mill

from inside - east door of 1920 school facing n. walnut - housed all 11 grades (only 3 yrs of hs offered)

From inside – East door of 1920 school facing N. Walnut- Housed all 11 grades (only 3 years of high school was offered)

grandpa millers home

Grandpa Millers home

main street looking west

Main Street looking west

Margie Estrop knows about this

Memorial Day 1969 – Mark Estrop from Rochester HS gave Gettysburg Address- Paul Findley guest speaker – Wayne Beck’s father raised the flag

memorial day 1969

Memorial Day 1969

new cafeteria built in 1951, seen here may 1967

New Cafeteria built in 1967, seen here May 1967

new hs in 1963 became known as j wing

New HS in 1963 became known as the “J” wing

old bank (2)

Old Bank

old bank

old bank

old masonic temple

Old Masonic Temple

old railroad trestle - mid 1980s at west main & rt. 29

Old Railroad Trestle- mid 1980’s at West Main and Rt. 29.

old rochester ball park on e. main

Old Rochester Ball park on E. Main

old town hall

old town hall

original 1920 school facing n walnut

Original 1920 School facing N. Walnut.

original 1937 high school

Original 1937 School

outside view - east door of 1920 school facing n. walnut - housed all 11 grades (only 3 yrs of hs offered)

outside view. East Door of 1920

poffenbarger school - 1940-41

Poffenbarger School 1940-41
Left row-back to front: Joyce Skinner, Don Taft, Kelton Catron, Cavitt Hollis.
Middle row : Nova Nell Blankenship-teacher, Arthur Catron, Carlos Catron, Eileen Heissinger, Velma Caton, Jack davison
Right Row: Jeananne Skinner, Lawrence Catron, Wayne Taft, Arlyce Catron

roch long ago postcard

Rochester IL Postcard

rochester band 1907

Rochester Band 1907

rochester school - 1881 on main st. became masonic lodge in 1920.

Rochester School 1881 on Main St.

rochester schools class

Rochester Schools Past – The 5th student in the first row is Hugh Campbell. This picture is from about 1920.

rumc 1st building_001

RUMC 1st Building


In the second row fourth from the left is Wilson Park,  in the top row fourth from the left is Pauline Watkins.   This was probably taken in 1935 to 1936.  If you recognize anyone else,  please let us know.

Carloe know about this

Hazel J Park on the left in the black hat.  Grace Martin on the right.  This is the year of the first flood in Rochester, IL.  Hazel and Grace wanted to check it out.




This day house* was located on Charlie Canfield property. He and his wife would drive out from Springfield to check on the farm and spend time at this house. 
*(so called because it was not a permanent residence, but used just to “spend the day”)

see snow train pdf for info(2)

B & O Train In Twelve-Foot Snowdrift Near Rochester, ILL.

If you think this winter has been tough, take a look at what it was like 100 years ago. The above picture and headline appeared on the front page of the Daily Illinois State Register, Friday, February 27, 1914. Following is the story that appeared along with the picture.

How The Snow Stopped Railroad Traffic

J.E. Coe of Rochester supplies us with the photograph from which the above cut is made, showing a Baltimore & Ohio train battling with a twelve-foot snowdrift. Only the upper part of the engine is seen protruding through the snow. It was impossible to move either way until relief squads with shovels cleared the track.

Similar photographs have been received from C.H. Burghart, photographer of Greenfield, ILL., showing the C. & A. right of way banked high with snow and trains stalled. A special message from Greenfield follows:

“The Springfield-Eldred train, which left Springfield at 5 o’clock Sunday evening and was in charge of Robert Shekelton, veteran engineer for the Chicago & Alton railroad. An extra engine was coupled on at Carlinville. At 8:30 o’clock Sunday evening it plunged in the snow about four miles west of this city. It was not able to turn a wheel either way.”

The origional picture was from the Pauline Watkins collection and is dated January 24, 1914. The location of the snowbound train was just across from where the library is today.



This is a picture taken in 1969 at the Rochester Centennial of Florence Norman and Richard Eyer (4 years old), Carolyn Wanless’s mother and son.


Enjoying the Rochester Centennial in 1969 is Ralph and Mae Leach with granddaughter Leslie Leach Preuss.