Saturday September 14th – 5k/10k Walk Run

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$25- 5k
$30- 10k


  • Join us for this unique 5K celebrating Rochester’s Sesquicentennial.
  • Pickup will be available at the Masonic Temple in Rochester from 4:00PM-7:00PM Friday.  Race day pickup will be available 6:30AM-7:15AM.
  • Shirts are guaranteed for those who register by September 4th.


Rochester Community Park
Rochester, IL US 62563

The 3 R’s

This year— 2019— marks the 150th anniversary of the gathering of five men from Rochester who were elected to represent the town and lay a framework of ordinances to govern the people. This original Board of Trustees will be re-created at an historic event on Monday, May 13, 2019 at the United Methodist Church at 7 PM.  The program is jointly sponsored by the Rochester Sesquicentennial Committee and the Rochester Historical Preservation Society.

The men who are participating in the portrayal of the 1869 Board of Trustees are all currently residents in the Rochester area, and all have ancestors who were living in Rochester in 1869. In addition, to a playlet featuring this original board, a visit from President Ulysses S. Grant will follow as he extends congratulations to Rochester on being incorporated. He will then outline his Presidential agenda for implementing a plan for Reconstruction.

The activities for the evening will then include introductions and honoring our current Village Board.

The theme for the program that evening will be:

“The 3 R’s”

  •             Resolutions
  •             Reconstruction
  •             Renewal

There will be:

  •             a look at early ordinances or resolutions
  •             a look at President Grant’s plan for Reconstruction
  •             a look at the plan our current Village Board has for renewal

We will be pleased to have you join us at this official Sesquicentennial event.